Episode 50 – Eric Joins The Battle!

As we reach fifty episodes of The Training Stage, we welcome a new member to the crew. Eric, also known as Bloodhawk, will now be joining us as a full-time member of the show, starting with this episode. We also premiere a new, original track that we commissioned from Rukunetsu, who has allowed us to use his extensive catalog of music throughout the show’s run. This week’s episode is all about post-E3 news and games we’ve been playing. ARMS, RPG Maker Fes, and Overwatch are discussed, as well as some backlog games like Jade Empire and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. This is a packed episode, so be sure to sit back and enjoy!

The Training Stage is the official video game podcast of surrealresolution.com. Your hosts are Tyler (@KokiriKid3), Joey (@sloweyjoey46), John (@K1NG_IC3), and Eric. Email us at trainingstage@surrealresolution.com if you have questions. Tweet during the show using #TheTrainingStage or #TTSp, and follow us @SurrealReso. We look at everything! You can now find us on iTunes and Google Play, as well as on YouTube. A review or comment would be greatly appreciated!

All music featured on this podcast is brought to you by Rukunetsu. Follow and support him on Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and more. We greatly appreciate having the privilege to use his music.

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